Monday, March 4, 2013

GM's Day

Today is GM's Day. It was started in 2002 on ENWorld and has slowly grown in popularity. They chose the day as a memorial to Gary Gygax who failed his final saving throw on March 4th 2008.

So today we salute our current GM, Mike. He has been telling a great story for the past three years. We are thoroughly enjoying the amazing story which has been inspired by the works of so many authors from Tolkien and George R.R. Martin to Joe Abercrombie and Scott Lynch.

Today we salute you for telling a grand adventure in a detailed world with excitement, intrigue and plenty of bloody violence.

From your PC's, we are glad to be a part of this tale.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Settlers & Conversation

Players: Jeff, Mike, Ryan & Sam.
Special Guest: Dave G.

Gaming impromptu tonight. We did a quick shout out online and four of us were good to play. Ryan asked if he could invite a friend Dave. Dave was an old friend of the group. He has played various games with us years ago. He was back in touch and wanted to join us. So the night was a bit of a reunion night as well. It is also worth noting, Dave had never played Settlers before.

First off, when we set up our board, we use Better Settlers. If you don't use it, you should.

Jeff (brown) started around the table  followed by Mike (green), Sam (red), Dave (white) and finally Ryan (orange).

The night started with Ryan building the first new settlement, followed by Jeff getting a settlement on a rock port. For a bit we rolled no wheat but we all felt like Charlie Brown in the Great Pumpkin.

Follow that with a Monopoly card used with all the overstocked surplus of rock (8) and Jeff was off to a great start.

Mike soon had the longest road but it didn't last long. Jeff, who had his settlement plans cut off by Sam two rounds ago, wrapped around with three roads and built right in the middle of the path, splitting the road and taking longest road for himself.

There was a great deal of joking and conversation tonight which made for a fun game. There were way to many sheep and wood jokes and even a disturbingly wrong "wheat and wood" joke.

After about two hours, we were running a pretty tight game, despite the fact that "8" has only come out  twice so far. Odds be damned!

  • Jeff 6
  • Ryan 6
  • Mike 6
  • Sam 4
  • Dave 2

Again, to defend our guest, once a discourse started, the lesson was ignored and we kind of played right around him. He wasn't worried about it in the least. He just enjoyed the conversation.

Soon after, Ryan steals the longest road from Jeff and we run into a massive overload of sheep in everyone's hands except Ryan who has a sheep port. There should be a rule, when there are more sheep than all other resources in hands, we need to convert resources or kill sheep or other resources start running dry. Needless to say, we had plenty more sheep jokes that include more wood jokes and references to kilts and tall boots. .
As we were all paying less attention to the game then we should, most of us were surprised that Ryan won. Not because he usually loses at everything, which is usually the case, but because we didn't see it coming.

It was a great casual game. Awesome conversation and way too many sheep jokes.

Space Hulk: Mission I - Suicide Mission

After finishing the now late THQ's Space Marine 40,000 I got the urge to get my hands dirty with some old school gaming. I was introduced to the War Hammer  table top game years ago and for about 2 years I threw whatever earnings I could muster into the pocket's of Games Workshop. It was fun but expensive. Back in 2009 GW re-released  Space Hulk, an Alienesque table top game featuring the Space Marines and Genstealers. The box comes with everything you need to enjoy War Hammer 40,000 without going broke trying to maintain an army of miniatures.

The group chipped in $20.00 a head and we all bought the game to share. We have never played the game to its full potential because of the limited number of players (2) compared to our usual gathering (4-5), but I am now determined to get through all 12 missions. Jeff and I decided to do a dry run of the game to refresh ourselves on the rules, the results were comical.

We came to a mutual agreement that Jeff would play the Space Marines and I would play the Genestealers. After only glancing at rule book we jumped right into the game, hoping our gamer instincts would kick in and we would know what to do naturally. This turned out as well as it sounds. At some point during the game we decided two things; I had won (the Genestealers have a wicked advantage on the first mission), and we would play again on reverse sides after reading the rule book. Jeff was able to exterminate about 15 xenos before the little critters annihilated his unit of five.  Ignoring the part about reading the rules we jumped right into the game again. Playing once helped with the flow of the second game, but we were still constantly looking to the rule book which slowed us down.

After watching Jeff play the Space Marines in the first game, and looking into the flame thrower rules I was able to get further down the corridors than he did. But in the end my tactics weren't good enough and I was eventually overwhelmed by the onslaught of Genestealers. In a desperate attempt at more enemy kills I forfeited the game by firing my last shot with the heavy flamer into a room swarming with Genestealers.

The end count 32 xenos killed compared to 2 dead Space Marines, not bad considering that I lost the game. So the first mission is done. We can easily say that the Suicide Mission is aptly named (when playing as the Space Marines), and that only an expert tactician could win against the onslaught of Genestealers. We will pick up next Sunday hopefully with Mission II: Exterminate.    x

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Warlord: Saga of the Storm CCG

Players: Jeff, Nick, Ryan & Sam
Tonight we dusted off the Warlord: Saga of the Storm CCG. Warlord was first published in 2001 by AEG. It was a brilliant game with a unique style of play. Sam dug through heaping piles of debris in his closet to find a long box of cards. We played a single, four player game and refreshed ourselves on the rules. Set up came back to us easy enough but the turns took a bit of getting used to. We used the old website to look up rules and errata on cards.While it looked like Sam was down and out, Jeff was taken out first. His death was quickly followed by Sam. It took us two hours to play and in the end Nick was the winner.

Gentle Reader

New Jersey 2013. The Mayan Calendar ended and the Apocalyptic era approaches. It is a time of great paranoia and an age of short attention spans, a period of zombies and chaos are near. It is an era in need of heroes.

Jeff, Jesse, Mike, Nick, Ryan and Sam are not those heroes. But they regularly pretend to be. They are the League of Ordinary Gentlemen.

They are a group of six gamers. They get together and play board games, card games and tabletop RPG's. They are starting a blog where they play games and tell their tales of mediocre achievement.